In preparing researches/ or articles for submission to the Journal, authors must follow the Publication Manual of the Journal:Manuscript

1-      Manuscripts must be typed in Microsoft Word for Windows, with a double space and a Times New Roman, 12-point font.

2-      Manuscript length should not exceed 10 pages, including references, tables, and figures.

3-      PDF format is not accepted.

4-      Manuscripts should be original and not previously published or submitted to another journal.

5-      Manuscripts should be sent to ISSAJ executive manager by email:

6-      All submissions must contain a title page. The title page must contain an abbreviated title of the research / article; author(s) name(s); all departments and institutions in which the work was done; and the corresponding author's name, e-mail address.

7-      Affiliation: Identify each author's affiliation by superscript numbers matched to the appropriate institution.

8-      It is recommended for a nonnative English speakers to consult recognized editing house to ensure clear English presentation of their work


  1. Abstract

1-      A one-paragraph abstract of not more than 150 words must accompany each manuscript. 

The abstract should state what was done and why, Method Adopted, what was found (in terms of data), and what was concluded. Even for short editorial-style articles, a brief "abstract" should be provided.


  1. References 

1-      In general, the American Psychological Association (APA) Style of citation should be followed when preparing the manuscript.

Attention should be given to the accuracy of the references and APA style. ( Find APA Style Guide, 6th Ed at the end of the Journal).

2-      References should be double-spaced in alphabetical order(a,b,c….) and numbered (1,2,3..) according to alphabetical listing.

3-      Except for articles, references should be limited to 60.

4-      When author entries are the same, alphabetize by the first word of the title.



III.     Tables, figures, illustrations and drawings

1-      Tables, figures, illustrations and drawings should be placed as near as possible to the reference made to them

2-      Figures and tables should not exceed 3 journal papers. Figures must be crisp, clear, and properly labeled.

3-      Excel files are not accepted by ISSAJ. Tables must be prepared using Microsoft Word’s table-formatting functions.


  1. Running Heads

1-      A running head will appear at the top of every page. It should be flush against the left-hand margin (3 cm) and % cm from the top of the page.

2-      The Running Head is an abbreviated form of the title that is no longer than 50 characters in length.

3-      The abbreviated title will be preceded by the phrase, "Running Head" on the first page only. 


  1. copyrights

1-      Material reproduced from some other source must conform with copyright regulations.

2-      It is the author's responsibility to obtain written permission for reproduction of copyrighted material and send the same to ISSAJ editorial Office.